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install drupal 7 on centos 7

How to Install Drupal 7 on CentOS 7 With LEMP

In a previous tutorial, I showed you how to install LEMP on CentOS 7 Server. Now If you want to…

install lemp stack on centos

Install LEMP stack (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP-FPM) on CentOS7 Step by Step Guide

LEMP stands for Linux, Nginx (Pronounced engine X), MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. It enables a server to host dynamic website and…

su command

Linux Security: Control access to the su command

By default, all users on a Linux distribution can use the su (switch user) command to become another user during…

wordpress sitemap 404 not found

WordPress Sitemap 404 Not Found Error with Nginx

Sitemap 404 Not Found If you are using Nginx as your web server and install the Google XML Sitemap plugin…