Reduce PDF Size in Linux (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are tensed about the size and quality of your pdf file that you have to save and if you don’t know about the best solution to this problem, then start reading this post without a second thought because this four-minute post will tell you all about the steps and the tool that can help you reduce the pdf files on your Linux system. After that, we discuss how shrinking pdf files with the online tool can help you. You can make pdf smaller but can enjoy other uses of it too.

Reduce PDF Size in Linux

Best pdf compress tool for Linux systems

The wait is over; the tool that can help you compress pdf on your Linux system is a famous website known as Duplichecker. This website is simply compatible and workable on Linux operating systems, and you can use it to solve any problem that you are facing relative to creation, checking, management, and optimization. The pdf compressor is the best example of it. Now below are the steps that will help you convert and reduce pdf file on your Linux system for free.

Steps to compress pdf files with Duplichecker.

Here are the few important steps that you need to follow if you want to use the pdf compressor to reduce the file size and enjoy all the above-mentioned features.

  • Use this link: to get to the tool.

  • Now in this tool, you will find the upload button on the top shelves, use this button by clicking it. You will be directed to your doc gallery from where you can easily grab and upload your pdf files that need to be shrunk.

  • You can add files, you can rotate them, and you can also simply delete them with this online tool.

  • After inputting yours you have to simply select the quality of compression with this pdf compress tool.

  • After completing this step, you just have to click on the ‘convert file’ button, and you will see that the tool will start working.

  • It will take less than three to four seconds to complete the compression and present the new file before you for downloading.

  • Download the file and send it over to the desired or required source.

The free shrinking of PDF

If you wonder about the internet, then you will see that the majority of 90% tools on the web for pdf compressing are paid and are not at all affordable. PDF compressing is important, but it can be done for free then there is nothing better like it. The tool that we mentioned above is free but being free does not mean that it is weak in any regard neither should you know it has any kind of effects on the quality of the document. You can shrink the size of your file for free no matter if you have textual content on them, images, graphics, or even any tables or charts on them.

Saving time in shrinking

With the help of online compressor tools, you can achieve a lot. You must know that there are only a few tools online that are efficient enough that they can convert and compress pdf files in less than seconds. Sometimes you are on the edge of your deadline and are not able to send off your file due to size issue, in a situation like this the online tools with a low conversion time can solve your problem and can reduce your files in less than a couple of seconds. This is particularly crucial when it comes to time-saving and workplace management.

Shrinking the tools to kilobytes

You should know that huge files are a bit informal and are not at all acceptable for online platforms. You should know that academic content is also preferred to be sent in small sizes as it makes it easier and is a great help for the recipient to download the content and save it in their drive. With the assistance of a pdf file reducer, you can easily help yourself out in shrinking the file sizes to the minimum. You can easily send these shrunk files via email or any other source that you desire.

Securer medium of shrinking

Now a very important aspect that the majority of you would ignore while converting and compressing pdf files is the security of the documents. If you input your files in a tool or website that is simply not safe, then you are putting all your research and your preparation at the risk of being tampered or hacked for that matter. You must know that you always have to look for the security tool that can compress pdf online and keep your information intact and well in the lock. Lucky for you the safest tool on the web is discussed in this post.

Reduce the size of pdf on different platforms

Now another con of the majority of apps and tools on the web is that they are not compatible and workable with different devices working in the digital world. You will find some tools that would be compatible with smartphones others will be compatible with desktop systems. Now you should always look for a tool that can help you compress pdf on any platform you want from.

Compressing pdf in different qualities

Sometimes you have to follow some limitations or restrictions while submitting your work, and you are required to enter a file in the exact size that has been mentioned in the guidelines. Now in a situation like this, you have to make sure that the size you are entering in the submission bar does not exceed nor increase the size of the requirement, or else it can put a bad impression and can also result in rejection. The pdf compress tool will help you in reducing pdf in your desired quality.

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