How To Install QQ on Archlinux The Easy Way

QQ is the number 1 instant messaging software in China. Tencent released Windows version and Mac version of QQ but there’s currently no Linux version. So we have to install QQ on Linux using Wine. In this tutorial I will show you two easy steps to install QQ on Archlinux using Wine1.9.4.

Install QQ on Archlinux

Step1 Install Wine on Archlinux

First update your Archlinux system and then use pacman package manager to install the latest version of Wine (1.9.4 at the time of this writting).

sudo pacman -Syu && sudo pacman -S wine

Step2 Download WineQQ8.1

The latest version of QQ is 8.1 which is released on January 19, 2016. WineQQ8.1 is a package containing a Wine library (wineqqlibs20151021) and QQ8.1. There’re also 3 hidden directories in this tar.xz file. They are .wine, .local and .fonts.

The .fonts directory contains a font file named simsun.ttc. simsun is a Chinese font released by Microsoft. (微软新宋体)

Download WineQQ8.1. Keep in mind that this is the Chinese version of QQ, not the international version.

Once the download is complete, extract the package to your home directory.

tar xvf wineQQ8.1O17216.tar.xz -C ~/

Now you will see Wine QQ in your application menu.

Install qq on archlinux

Click the icon will open up the login interface. I can enter my QQ number and password. You can also login by scanning QR code using your mobile QQ. However it can’t remember password.

install qq instant messaging on archlinux

install wineqq on archlinux

As you can see it’s very easy to install QQ on archlinux.

If your QQ isn’t displaying Chinese characters correctly, then check out the following post.

How to Make WineQQ Display Chinese Characters


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