How To Install WeChat on Linux

WeChat is very popular mobile messaging app developed by Tencent in China. It supports text and voice messages, group chat, sending files. A web version is also available. Electronic WeChat is a third-party WeChat client which uses the Electron framework to package the Web WeChat. In this tutorial we will look at how to install Electronic WeChat on Linux.

How To Install Electronic Wechat on Linux

Go to github and download the tar.gz file. Choose linux-x64.tar.gz or linux-ia32.tar.gz according to your OS architecture. Once downloaded, open a terminal window and navigate to the download folder where the tar.gz file is located. Then issue the following command to extract it.

tar xvf linux-x64.tar.gz


tar xvf linux-ia32.tar.gz

Once it’s extracted,  go to electronic-wechat-linux-x64 or electronic-wechat-linux-ia32 folder, then run this command to open Wechat.


You will see the following.

How To Install WeChat on Linux

What we need to now is to log into WeChat on our phone (Install WeChat mobile app if you haven’t already done so.) then go to Discover > Scan QR Code to scan the above QR code and confirm login with the desktop client. You need to scan this QR code only once.

How To Install WeChat on Linux

I can enter Chinese characters without any problem.

How To Install WeChat on Linux

To make our file system clean, we can move the folder to /opt/ directory.

sudo mv electronic-wechat-linux-x64/ /opt/


sudo mv electronic-wechat-linux-ia32/ /opt/

Then make a symbolic link.

sudo ln -s /opt/electronic-wechat-linux-x64/electronic-wechat /usr/bin/wechat


sudo ln -s /opt/electronic-wechat-linux-ia32/electronic-wechat /usr/bin/wechat

So now we just need to press ALT+F2 and enter wechat command to launch the WeChat client on Linux.

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