How to Connect Social Networks Auto-Poster with Twitter

In a previous tutorial I showed how to connect the NextScripts:Social Networks Auto-Poster with a Facebook Page. Today I’m going to teach you how to connect it with your Twitter account.

1 Create a Twitter App

Go to Twitter Developer’s website. Login with your Twitter account. Then click Create new App.


Give your Twitter App a name, description and your website URL. Leave the Callback URL field blank. Agree the developer agreement and click create your Twitter application.


Tip: Before you can create a Twitter App, you must add a phone number to your Twitter account.

Now you application has been created. Click on the permissions tab. Make sure you grant read and write access.


Now click Keys and Access Tokens tab. You can see your Twitter App API key and API scerect. At the bottom of the page click Create my access token button and your access token will be generated.

Selection_323 2 Connect Social Networks Auto-Poster with Twitter

In your WordPress admin area, go to Settings > {SNAP} Social Networks Auto Poster. Then click the green Add new account Button.


Choose Twitter From the list.


Enter a nickname. Fill your Twitter URL, Twitter API key, API secrect, access token, token secrect. Check Attach Image to Twitter Post. And Finally click Update Settings.


3 Test the Connection

Click show settings.


At the end of the page you can see a Sumbit Test Post to Twitter button. Click the button.


Check your tweets on to see if it’s working correctly.

Next time when you hit the publish button in your WordPress post editor, your new post will be automatically send to your Tweets. Cheers!

Tip: The free edition of SNAP supports one App per account. However you can create multiple Twitter accounts for your different websites to circumvent this restriction.

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