How To Install and Update Firefox on Puppy Linux XenialPup

This tutorial is going to show you how to install Firefox on XenialPup, which is the latest version of Puppy Linux. XenialPup is based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus.

Install Firefox on Xenialpup

First go to Menu > Setup > Puppy Package Manager and type in firefox in the search box then press Enter. There will be many search results. Scroll down to the bottom and select Firefox 57. Then click Do it! button to install it.

install firefox xenialpup

If you see the following error message, you can ignore it because these two libraries are actually in /opt/firefox/ directory.

firefox puppy linux

After that, go to Menu > Internet and launch Firefox browser.

how to install firefox on puppy linux

After Firefox is running, it tells you that “Your Firefox is out-of-date”. Please don’t click the update now button because it will download a tar.gz file from mozilla.

puppy linux firefox pet

Instead, you should click the Firefox help menu and then About Firefox to check updates. Once the update is downloaded, restart Firefox to use the latest version.

how to update firefox on puppy linux

That’s it! I hope this article help you install Firefox Web browser on Puppy Linux (XenialPup). Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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4 Responses to “How To Install and Update Firefox on Puppy Linux XenialPup

  • I dont find any libgtk-3 packages. I have puppy-wary5

  • Richard Cencelewski
    5 years ago

    I did all that except I got firefox-57-I386. I downloaded everything did as said. Went to press the firefox , No window showed up to update.

  • this does not work. the result is an error ; lacking libraries. I am aware of linux and its “underpinings, but this leaves my puppy totally unusable. I need firefox for my own reason and do no wish to spend hours chasing libraries. I am dismayed that this answer was provided with out first being tested, my xeniuapup is the latest version, I see firefox 7 in the installer but the libraries are non existent why does this work for you and not me? same internet 🙂 same repositories…

    its linux, I have to work for it, I get that, but this leaves me out of the game.. I don’t like being a beta tester…

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