How To Install Google Chrome On OpenSUSE Leap

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Google Chrome on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and 42.2. We will use the zypper package manager to add Google Chrome repository and then install it.

Install Google Chrome on OpenSUSE

Open up a terminal and add Google Chrome repository using the following command. ar stands for add repository.

sudo zypper ar Google-Chrome


Adding repository 'Google-Chrome' ..............................................................................................................[done]
Repository 'Google-Chrome' successfully added
Enabled     : Yes                                                
Autorefresh : No                                                 
GPG Check   : Yes                                                
URI         :

Now refresh repository. ref is short for refresh.

sudo zypper ref

In order to verify the integrity of packages downloaded from Google Chrome repository, we need to download and import Google’s public signing key using the commands below.


sudo rpm --import

Now we can install Google Chrome using the following command. in stands for install.

sudo zypper in google-chrome-stable

This command will install the stable version of Google Chrome. If you want beta or unstable version, use the following commands.

sudo zypper in google-chrome-beta

sudo zypper in google-chrome-unstable

Actually you can install all three versions of Google Chrome on the same system.

install Google Chrome on OpenSUSE

Install Chromium Browser On OpenSUSE

Google Chrome is based upon an open source browser named Chromium. Google chrome has a closed-source flash player built in. If you don’t care about flash player or you just want a fast and 100% open source Web browser, then install Chromium on openSUSE with this simple command.

sudo zypper in chromium

Install Chromium Browser On OpenSUSE


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4 Responses to “How To Install Google Chrome On OpenSUSE Leap

  • Robert Collins
    2 years ago

    You Rock, why is it so difficult to find this straight forward info on other sites? Please keep up the good work and Thanks!

  • besrate hogsa
    5 months ago

    thank you
    it worked flawlessly

  • Tom Myatt
    5 months ago

    getting this error: /usr/bin/google-chrome
    /usr/bin/google-chrome: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  • Felix Ray
    5 months ago

    Sweet! I was trying to download and install the RPM package from the chrome sit (like I’ve always done with the Ubuntu *.deb package), and it was no dice.

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