Download Your Linux ISO via DistroWatch Torrent Service

DistroWatch Torrent Corner is hosting and seeding BitTorrent files for Linux distros. As you may or may not already know, you can download Linux ISO images via BitTorrent.

Such as Ubuntu

ubuntu download bittorrent

Or Fedora.

fedora iso download torrent

However some Linux distros don’t offer a magnet link or torrent file to download, instead they offer mirror download links via SourceForge.

archbang linux download

What’s Good About Torrenting?

For people who enjoy high-speed and stable Internet connection, downloading large files like ISO images is not an issue. However, for people who have slow or flaky Internet connection, BitTorrent is a much more reliable way to download large files.

If you download a file in your Web browser and suddenly the connection drops, then you have to download the file over from scratch. BitTorrent clients can recover dropped connections and continue downloading remaining bits and pieces.

Yes, there are download managers such as uget that can resume download from where it left.  However BitTorrent has another advantage, namely speeding up your download. When your computer are connected to more peers, you enjoy faster download speed.

Why They don’t offer Torrent Download?

To make a torrent, the original torrent uploader have to keep its computer running all the time. This is not a problem for servers as they can be running 24×7. However, some hosting providers restrict you from doing torrenting or setting up BitTorrent tracker server.

DistroWatch Torrent Corner Comes to the Rescue !

DistroWatch is currently hosting various Linux distribution torrents. You can ask them to host your desired Linux distribution ISO image. For more information, please go to DistroWatch torrent corner.

distrowatch torrent

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