Reasons to Use Softphones in Your Call Center

Communication greatly improved with the advancement of technology. From pagers and landlines, mobile phones came into popularity. Besides personal use, businesses also benefited from this development as it allowed them to talk to their customers over the phone, including those in the call center industry. If you still use the traditional hard phone for your calls, consider switching to a softphone.

Reasons to Use Softphones in Your Call Center

A softphone is an application installed in a computer or mobile device that allows you to answer and make calls using its interface. It also has more features that your old hard phone may not have. Here are reasons why you should make the change.

It prevents dialing errors

Hard phones require the manual dialing of numbers, which takes time and has risks of errors. You could accidentally push one wrong digit, and you’ll be dialing an incorrect number. On the other hand, a softphone lets you copy and paste the number from a list or database, preventing errors. You can be sure that you are dialing the right number, which saves time and also prevents angry people who might report your number as spam.

It allows integration with other applications

You can integrate a softphone with other applications, making it more effective. For example, incorporating it with your CRM tool will let you see the information and history of the customers so that you can help them better. It improves customer satisfaction due to faster resolution of concerns. If you make several outbound calls, using it with a predictive dialer makes the job faster. The latter is an auto-dialer that automatically dials numbers and assigns successful calls to available agents. You don’t have to spend much time and effort calling numbers that only lead to voicemails or are left unanswered. It also improves productivity as agents spend more time talking to customers or leads.

It offers more features

Softphones come with excellent features that you will find helpful in your call center. These features include mute and volume control, three-way conferencing, call hold, and extension dialing. It also allows convenient transfer to other departments. Customers will be happier as they can get to the right people immediately.

It’s handy

A hard phone restricts you to your desk as you can only use it where it’s physically installed. Since you’re holding the receiver, only the other hand can navigate or do something. It’s inconvenient because talking to customers often requires taking notes or accessing their accounts. Since you can install softphones on mobile devices or computers, users can use them even when not in the office. It’s ideal for a remote work setup, which is common nowadays.

It’s reliable

As long as you have a stable internet connection and your device works fine, you shouldn’t have any issues with the softphone. If there’s an error, it often only requires closing and then opening it again.

It’s easy to install

Installation is easy and may even be done remotely. It also doesn’t require any maintenance, unlike a hard phone that may need repair or replacement.

Consider switching to a softphone if you still use hard phones in your call center. It offers more convenience, flexibility, and reliability.

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