Make OpenSUSE Beautiful: Install Variety Wallpaper Changer

The Gnome edition of OpenSUSE Leap is not very eye-catching. Let’s start making it beautiful. Today we are going to install a wallpaper program called Variety Wallpaper Changer.

Variety is an automatic wallpaper changer. It rotates your desktop wallpaper on a regular basis using local images or images downloaded from various online sources. It runs quietly in the background.

opensuse variety wallpaper changer

Install Variety on OpenSUSE

To install variety on OpenSUSE, run the following command in terminal.

sudo zypper in variety

After it’s installed, variety can be started from application menu.

Configure Variety Wallpaper Changer

On first run, you will be greeted by a welcome message. Click the Continue button.

Next, it asks you to register an account with VRTY.ORG. Basically you can find new images VRTY.ORG, save your favorite images and set wallpaper directly from VRTY.ORG. In addition, if you need the synchronization of favorites between computer, then you must participate in VRTY.ORG.  Click the Continue button.

paticipate with VRTY.ORG

On the next screen, click Register here button to register an account with VRTY.ORG.

register an account with VRTY.ORG

Variety will open up the default Web browser on your system and send you to VRTY.ORG.

After you registered an account, you need to configure your browser to open variety:// links with the Variety wallpaper changer installed on your system, so you will be able to change your wallpaper directly from VRTY.ORG.  Click the Trigger Variety login button at the bottom-left of the page.

Variety wallpaper changer

If you are using Firefox as the default browser, then Firefox will pop up a window, and you can select Varity to open variety:// links. Check Remember my choice for variety links and then click OK button.

firefox choose an application

If you are using Chrome/Chromium as your default Web browser, then it will ask you to open variety:// link with xdg-open. This is OK. Check Remember my choice for all links of this type and click Launch Application.

Google chrome external protocol request

After that, the Variety Preferences window will appear. You can set how frequent you wallpaper will be chaged. You can add or remove online image souces in the Images section. You can add a local folder as a image source.

online images souces

If you don’t want wallpaper to be automatically changed, then uncheck Change wallpaper every 5 minutes.

disable wallpaper changing

Set Wallpaper on VRTY.ORG

To set an image as wallpaper on VRTY.ORG, just click Set as wallpaper link. If it does not work, then right click it and select open link in new tab.

Set Wallpaper on VRTY.ORG

These images will be downloaded to ~/.config/variety/Fetched directory.

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