Paid Support

I’m willing to manage your server for the following prices. Price can be higher if you have custom requirements.

  • Installing LAMP or LEMP stack with phpMyAdmin: 25 USD
  • Installing WordPress on LAMP or LEMP stack with phpMyAdmin: 30 USD
  • Setting up Email Server with unlimited account and unlimited domains: 35 USD
  • Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate: 5 USD per certificate
  • Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on a custom port: 10 USD per certificate
  • Migrate a website from one server to another: 25 USD

Website Speed Optimization

Enabling Nginx FastCGI Cache: 25 USD

This technique allows your server to send static HTML page from the cache to web browsers, instead of dynamically generating HTML page from PHP. By default, web pages are cached to hard drive. I can put the cache into RAM to further improve performance. You server will have a faster response time.

Enabling Nginx PageSpeed Module: 25 USD

Developed by Google, the PageSpeed modules are open-source server modules that optimize your site automatically. It can do the following performance best practices.

  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files
  • Compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript file.
  • Compress PNG, JPEG files
  • Convert PNG and JPEG to webp format
  • Lazy load images: Loads images when they become visible in the client viewport.
  • DNS prefetch: Inserts <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//"> tags to reduce DNS resolution time.
  • Preload subresources: Inserts Link:</example.css>; rel=preload headers to permit earlier fetching of important resources.
  • Combine JavaScript: Combines multiple script elements into one.
  • Defer JavaScript: Defers the execution of JavaScript in HTML until page load complete.
  • And many more.

Optimize HTTPS connection speed: 25 USD

The HTTPS connection speed optimization includes:

  • Enabling HTTP/2 protocol, the successor to the old HTTP/1.1 protocol
  • Enabling TLS 1.3, the latest version of TLS.
  • Enabling HTTP server push
  • Enabling TLS False Start
  • Installing lightweight and fast ECC certificate instead of run-of-the-mill RSA certificate
  • Enabling OCSP Stapling to eliminate the time of querying CA server about the validity of SSL certificate.
  • Enabling HSTS Preload
  • Enabling TCP BBR congestion control algorithm
  • Enabling TCP fast open

I will list more items.